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Our History

“Surround yourself in an environment that stimulates your mind. Nothing is ever what is seems. Even an old garage can be that space. We’ve proven it.”

        (Comment from CEO Mr. Deivindran based on Device4U’s origin of R&D premises operating from a garage)

Device 4U, the R&D arm of Infinite QL Group of companies was founded through the joint venture of true blue-tech geeks Mr. Deivindran and Mr. Timothy Hutchison, with collective microelectronic engineering knowledge of over 35 years. The company which started with a few people was built on the foundation of hard work, respect, a wealth of experience from both key stakeholders and the innovative and far-sighted force of the company, Mr. Deivindran.

Over the past 10 years, the R&D arm has grown more aggressive, bouncing back stronger in their experience towards developing newer technologies with key engineers still working in the company from the initial days. Device4U has become a trusted name in developing innovative products and technologies to solve real issues, of which we have successfully commercialized some of these products through projects.