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Intelligent Power Supply

Intelligent Power Supply

For many years the world of power supply design has seen a gradual movement away from the use of linear power supplies to the more practical switched mode power supply. Device 4U Intelligent Power Supply is designed to typically convert any AC input voltage into regulated DC voltage required for electronic equipment via semiconductors that are continuously switching on and off with high frequency. 

Device4U Intelligent Power Supply contributes towards a greener environment and energy saving factors through its intelligent design methodology. With its fast switching technique design, the Intelligent Power Supply offers greater efficiency of between 80-90% by controlling the state of energy flow either through permitting low voltage drop or via blocking the flow of current. Hence using this technique, the power dissipation which is the product of voltage and current, can be relatively low in both states.

Features of the intelligent power supply:

  • The power supply is housed in a high quality metal enclosure with built-in cooling fan and protected by tamper sensor.
  • Installer friendly mounting designs and wire termination blocks are provided as standard.
  • Maintenance friendly - Quick diagnostic info is available from the display or audible buzzer when maintenance mode is enabled during service call.
  • The heart of the product is a high efficient power supply with built-in battery charger which provides the load with an isolated DC voltage.
  • Non-isolated for negative ground system
  • Reverse polarity protection

A microcontroller based controller board is incorporated in the system to control the Intelligent Power Supply and provides the intelligent features listed below:

  • Provide over voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit and over temperature protection to both the power supply system and the load.
  • Display the voltage and current readings as well as the operating status through the LED display.
  • Intelligent algorithm to measure and predict battery lifespan as well as prevent over drain.
  • With built-in temperature sensor, enable Intelligent cooling fan control to maintain optimum operating temperature for improved reliability, reduce fan noise, prevent power supply and battery overheat.

Application Use:

  • Building Systems requiring the use of Power Supply Units – CCTV and Access Control

Power Supply Specifications:
Input Voltage 180 ~ 264 VAC
Output 1 Voltage & Current 20V 1A Max*
Output 2 Voltage & Current 11.5 ~ 14V adjustable 3A Max*
Efficiency 80%
Max Output Power 48W
Protection & Safety Features Over current, Over power, Over temperature, Under & Over voltage
Optional Features Remote diagnostics module for off-sitemonitoring
Battery Charger Specifications:
Battery Type 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid
Charging Voltage 13.8V
Charging Profile Constant Voltage, Current Limited
Charging Current 700mA Max
Mains Fail Switch Over Circuit:
Switch MOSFET (Fast and Seamless Switchover) Sensor 2 Power supply output voltage
Sensor 3 Battery voltage
Battery Protection Battery low voltage cut-off