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Device4U IPX-U is a revolutionary IP Video transmission product that extends your Ethernet solution far beyond the standard Ethernet distance limitations of 100m, using standard single pair copper UTP cable. IP video can now be transmitted over a distance of 1 KM using IPX-U pair of transmitter and receiver set.

Truly a plug and play wall-mount device, the transceiver set requires no programming or additional setup and saves on installation time. With built-in LED to indicate presence of power, communication link and IP signal, the IPX-U transceiver provides for easy troubleshooting and maintenance of your CCTV environment.

Highly versatile to support IP cameras that are located at remote locations or at a distance not supported by traditional network cabling, IPX-U transceivers are intelligently designed to compensate for wire attenuation, signal noise and interference that are caused from long distance cabling.