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Impedo II™

Impedo II™

Impedo II™ is an architecturally brilliant swing barrier turnstile that unites safety and intelligent detection technology with motorized barriers to provide silent, smooth and highly reliable passage entry.

Integrated with Automated Visitor Transponder System, the Impedo II™ slim design blends beautifully with corporate lobbies and with optional LED lighted panels adds further aesthetics to suit any décor. Having the right combination of safety, security, style and high traffic capacity for any entrance application, the Impedo II swing barrier turnstile features state-of-the-art technology incorporated in our motor drives, microprocessor controls (ARM9) and sensor systems to give you unrivaled durability and reliability.

Designed for bi-directional access controlled operation, the turnstiles offers extremely intelligent and fast throughput rates. Upon activation, barriers open in the direction of first authorized user quickly and quietly. As passage is completed, the barriers smoothly return to the home position ready for the next access. In the event of an object obstruction, the gate will pull back, a safety feature called the anti-pinch.
The Impedo II™ features the first ever designed swing barrier incorporating a flush mounted 7” LCD Panel. Users can promote various advertisements and audio prompts (optional) to enhance their operation.